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Worldwide Resource

Delta Squared is one of the highly respected firms who have integrated their services and industry experience to create an enhanced offering in the 'one stop' global consortium Worldwide Resource LLC*.

These successful companies and their principals have earned the trust and respect of clients the world over for experience, integrity and delivering rVirtuous Circleesults:


  • Developing marketing and sales strategies
  • Defining and finding the best distribution channels
  • Recruiting the best industry leaders and managers
  • Training and developing human resource
  • Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction
  • Auditing and gathering integrated, measurable data to drive future strategy



Our combined knowledge and expertise is further enhanced through our association with IGRM (International Golf Resort Management) an organisation that both operates and manages resorts on a global scale.


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Regardless of the project you are considering, allow us to share our collective expertise and reveal crisp yet comprehensive and seamless solutions to help you attain your business goals and further improve performance.

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* Worldwide Resource LLC is incorporated in Texas, U.S.A.