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Improving Performance Through Revenue Management & Pricing

Revenue management can be simply defined as selling the right product, at the right time, to the right guest, at the right price. But it takes a lot of thinking and research to make a sensible and informed judgement on how best to achieve this!

Hotel Revenue Management and Pricing Delta Squared



Delta Squared has the proven ability to bring a fresh, external and unbiased perspective to evaluate, validate and review revenue management systems, organisation and process. An objective assessment that is not afraid to challenge current strategy but one that will also share industry best practice to optimise the process and thus generate more profit.




Delta Squared can help develop strategy, systems and processes through detailed questioning of how its done; how its managed and an analysis of key factors such as:

~ Understand the competitive environment

~ Compare competitive price positioning

~ Measure performance against competitive set (market share - RGI, MPI, ARI)

~ Analyse revenue per available room (RevPar)

~ Develop average daily rater (ADR) opportunities

~ Develop occupancy / demand driven opportunities

~ Investigate and reccommend optimum inventory controls

~ Review / audit current Revenue Management systems, tools & processes

~ Review channel volume and rate mix (centrally, web-site, 3rd parties)

~ Examine market segmentation volume and rate mix


Having established the level of performance against the competition, we can progress to questioning how to identify growth opportunities and how best to secure them through price/cost analysis.

Are the right tools for the job in place to drive revenue benefit?.


Delta Squared have the knowledge and skills to help develop strategy plus advise on the correct structure and software systems to create optimisation routines, establish control mechanisms, generate accurate data and help identify how best to utilise it to increase revenue!

"Success is just a matter of luck, ask any failure" Earl Wilson