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Improving Performance Through Distribution

At Delta Squared we understand that the constant challenge for hoteliers is to ensure that product (hotel rooms), price (hotel rates) and engaging content (product description) are available in the right hotel distribution channels, at the right time and at the right price.

A key question is 'how best to do this in an increasingly competitive and complex business environment, that is driven in part by customers purchasing in many different ways?'

For hotels, this may mean selling to a guest via the call center, the sales force, direct to hotel, travel agent, wholesaler, third party intermediary, or via a Global Distribution System (GDS). The method can include a number of different devices, internet, email, telephone, mobile or wireless device or even the mail!

Hotel Distribution Channels Delta Squared

Also, whilst the cost to distribute travel products has continued to rise, the supplier has not seen any comparable increase in value from the distribution channel. In fact, costs for all suppliers have increased without a comparable increase in profits

The key hotel distribution channel issue is 'which of the many strategies should be employed to manage channels more effectively and more profitably?'

Delta Squared can help answer these questions and improve performance by addressing the following key stages in distribution:

Hotel Marketing Strategies - Delta Squared

'In a challenging environment finding new ways to make distribution work more effectively is crucial.Doing the same old things and hoping for the same results is, at worst, a definition of distribution downturn! At best it is a flawed strategy.'

However, if you recognise the opportunities:

~ To drive revenue by extending market reach

~ To optimise rate through effective management of demand

~ To improve profitability by applying an appropriate multi-channel strategy

.... then Delta Squared Performance Improvement should be your partner.

"In life and business we are faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as problems" Lee Iacocca