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Hotel Marketing and Distribution Delta Squared

The Delta Squared team is a pool of industry knowledge with the right levels of expertise to assist, and advise you on, your business.

All of the directors and associates have worked at senior levels across the hospitality industry within sales, marketing, distribution, technology and operations.

We work closely with clients - often as an extension to the board and operational departments throughout the life cycle of a project.

How we approach assignments projects depends on the breadth and scale of the specific project but will typically involve some, or all, of the following:

~ Project methodology

~ Analyse and assess business requirements

~ Innovate

~ Devise the strategy

~ Specify sales & revenue streams

~ Specify technology infrastructure

~ Recommend potential suppliers

~ Create the tender document

~ Analyse the costs

~ Select the supplier(s)

~ Project management

~ Installation

~ Audit & review

We aim for long term sustainable improvement in your performance and profit!

The ultimate aim of Delta Squared is to exceed your expectations whilst maintaining and building on the value of the Brand.

Training can also be conducted by Delta Squared or our associated companies, since we are part of a bigger pool of international industry expertise.

Through investment of both time and money, we have established a partnership with other like minded specialist companies to create a truly global offering under the Worldwide Resource banner with offices established in Dallas, London, New York, Paris, Dublin and the Caribbean.

Virtuous Circle

This consortium gives Delta Squared access to information and resource on a global scale and means that we can offer a seamless service across all disciplines.

A prime example of this is in the Cape Verde Islands. Our integrated approach has involved us all in supporting a large business venture through the all the stages of research, advising on feasibility and structure, then continuing to support and project manage this major resort development.

Delta Squared is well positioned to service clients efficiently and cost effectively and through the Worldwide Resource, we have the capacity and capability to handle larger, more complex international projects.

"The journey of a thousand leagues begins with a simple footstep" - Confucius