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Sales Optimiser

Delta Squared understands that sales and marketing drives most businesses. However, it is equally fair to say 'if it doesn't get measured, it won't get done!'

Sales Optimiser is a 'bottom up' planning tool, because sales must be planned and targeted by customer. After all, you can't make a sales call on a market segment!


The Delta Squared Sales Optimiser is a planning, scheduling and diagnostic tool that focuses sales effort, client by client, on the most productive customers through identifying and prioritising those relationships that are, or potentially could become, the most profitable.

Comprised of Client Files, Reports & Diagnostics & the Balanced Customer Scorecard, The Delta Squared Sales Optimiser outputs to your CRM system, PMS sales & catering module or MS Outlook so that these management tools have high quality fact based information as their basic input.


Sales Optimiser is fully automated and able to integrate with your existing sales force automation programmes and is available in two versions:

  • Hotel sales
  • Regional sales

Production is built up by market segment, by client and consolidated automatically to provide salesperson and office totals for the previous, forecast and plan years.

Events and client activities are built into the plan using the calendar tool

The Sales Optimiser has been built recently using the most up to date web technology and security and is easy to access via your web browser.

Not only does Sales Optimiser provide accurate, measurable data to manage the customer portfolio for long term growth, it gives sales people a user friendly tool to plan and take informed decisions and be accountable for that process.