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Data Optimiser

To use the words of one recent Client from a large International Hotel Chain, "we have a lot of data, but not enough information about our customers - and, it's not summarised how we need it to be"

At Delta Squared we believe this to be prevalent in the hospitality industry, where sales and marketing executives are spending up to two or even three days each month trying to produce consolidated reports using data from various sources, via spreadsheets and a calculator!


Extracting accurate and relevant customer data is often time consuming - and, 'time is money'. Time spent trying to realise the value of the data within reservation and front office systems is time not being spent on more profitable business activity.

The Data Optimiser is a simple solution to this not uncommon problem.

Data Optimiser is a bespoke software tool developed by Delta Squared to turn data into management information. Not only does it import data from existing reservation and front office systems, it both filters and sorts it before summarising and presenting valuable management information in a format of your choice.

Data Optimiser is very user friendly, simple menu driven programme that enables multiple users to operate and access this manageable database which holds data from all imported sources such as sales people, hotels and regions as they build up over the months and years.



Typically reports summarise and display:

~ Reservations

~ Room Nights

~ Room Revenue


~ Totals by company/client/Agent

~ Totals by individual hotel or territory

~ Key Consortia information

~ Corporate rate reports

~ Variance reports

~ Trend analysis

Data Optimiser has proven in the words of that satisfied client mentioned above, "valuable management time is now spent making better decisions after analysing very relevant information - rather then spending days producing it!"