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About us

We think like you.


We are experienced business executives providing business solutions.


Delta Squared do not sell kilos of off the shelf consultancy or advice. We package appropriate consultancy, innovation, strategy and process management tools to suit the needs of each individual case.


  • All of our directors and associates have run businesses or large departments with P&L responsibility
  • We take an inside-out approach to assignments rather than outside-in. We see ourselves as members of your team for the duration of any project
  • We practice what we preach which means we view the lifetime value of the relationship with as much importance as the term value of the project
  • We look to add significant and sustainable value to your business both commercially and in long term intellectual capital

At Delta Squared we are honest, impartial and pragmatic. We will never pull a punch. We will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

At Delta Squared we have five core beliefs, which reflect on our approach to business.

  • Time is money.
    We are not academics but experienced practitioners within this sector. We don't have to 'start from scratch' with a blank sheet of paper, but we take the right time to understand and learn about your business.

  • Think strategically and act tactically.
    Being right is better than guessing, even if it does take a little time and effort to get there

  • Projects and assignments should be defined in terms of outcome or change, not just by the status quo.
    Wherever and whenever possible performance should be measurable

  • Decisions should be based on fact - or as much fact that is available.

  • Experience is preferable to intuition, guesswork and gut feel!

Although we work across a broad spectrum of issues and assignments, our work has concentrated on five main areas:

  • innovation and informed advice
  • revenue, reservations, distribution design and deployment
  • pricing, packaging and channel management as a seamless process
  • customised optimisation tools for sales, data and revenue management
  • e-business hospitality solutions

Delta Squared are not affiliated with any particular hardware or software provider. We are independent and impartial advisors. And as such, we're not afraid to challenge the accepted wisdom within an organisation if we believe it needs to be challenged!

"The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it" - Brendan Francis